Sculptures by Hans van Bemmelen


As I've been busy with my sculptures I got behind with developing the new web site. Hopefully that will go live in December 2017.

Here are some pictures of my current work, for the time being. For information about my sculptures please contact me at:

hans at hvb-sculptures dot eu   or call me on 00 31 70 354 1233



My work often includes elements informed by architecture and engineering and is generally fabricated from plate and tube rather than cast or carved, i.e. it is direct metal sculpture.


Rabley series

This summer I re-installed some of my six outdoor sculptures at Rabley Contemporary, on a wonderful site in the rolling Wiltshire landscape.

The gallery also has two of my CH table sculptures (outdoor version) on display in the courtyard. The Rabley pieces are intended to contrast with the landscape, while also drawing attention to elements in it. In that sense they serve as framing devices or oculi. The colours refer to agricultural machinery. Although the pieces define 3D space, they do not enclose it, being composed of essentially 2D elements - they could be described as 2.5D forms, like much of my work.











RSVI by Hans Van-Bemmelen



CH series


<p class='detail'><span class='text3'>CH1 - Ref:hvb1 ₤495</span><br/>Hans van Bemmelen</p><p class='detail'><span class='text3'>CH2 - Ref:hvb2 ₤495</span><br/>Hans van Bemmelen</p>





Other works


Standing Form II (maquette)

Branched Form I

One of a series of sculptures for along a route, combined with an information panel



Queen and King I / Brenhines a Brenin I


Branched Form III